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I am often asked to recommend people for different musical services. Here is a list of the best creatives I know, and work with regularly, people I know and trust to deliver to the highest possible standard. 


*Note - As I was writing these summaries, I realised that each of them is a lovely human being. So rather than repeat myself, take it as a given that I only work with wonderful and friendly people.

Mastering | Raretone Mastering 

Ben is a superb analogue mastering engineer, with tons of beautiful outboard and very reasonable rates.



Mixing | Chris Mulligan

Chris works out of my studio, I have known him for years and he is a top mix engineer, producer and guitarist. He can turn his hand to most genres, but anything alt-rock/pop (think Jack White & Josh Homme) is where he’s most at home.



Production | Great Sheiks

Nick is a man that wears many hats, not only is he a prolific songwriter, excellent piano player (record label owner, singer, husband, father) but is also fantastic producer of all things PowerPop.


Piano Sessions | Andy Pickering

Andy is an incredibly talented piano player and composer, he runs a fully analogue set up at his home in Sheffield and is an expert in all things 4-track!


Production | Mixing | JMAC

I have been working with Jamie for years, he is a brilliant guitarist and has the most incredible ear for production and mixing. Go and listen to his credits, they say it all.



Composition | Arranging | Joe Lawrenson

Joe is a pianist and composer, who has a love of fusing classical composition with a ‘pop’ mentality. Because of this, he perfectly placed to provide, I can honestly say, the most beautiful string and orchestral arrangements.



Production | Songwriting | 60s guru | Joe Kane

I couldn’t not (double negative, sorry) mention Joe Kane. He is a font of 60s knowledge, a prolific songwriter, expert in getting a 60s sound from budget(ish) gear and all round top guy. His project The Poppermost is one of the best beatles-esque records I have heard.



Songwriter | Producer | Rory McClean

Rory is my excellent studio assistant, a songwriter under his own name and aspiring producer. He is currently working on his own releases as well as collaborating with other artists in Leeds, UK.



Graphic Design | Adam Mallett

Adam designed this sexy website you are currently browsing. He knows music, he knows design and he listens. What more could you ask for from a designer, it is an absolute pleasure to work with him.



Graphic Design | David Henshaw

I was in a band with David for many years, he is a beautiful person, singer/songwriter and now graphic designer. He lives and breathes art and creativity and is quite simply one of the most talented and inspirational people I know.

Graphic Design | Alex O'Dell

I am lucky enough to be surrounded by a myriad of creative designers. Alex is my {future} brother-in-law and has designed superb brands for numerous projects I've been involved with in recent years.

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