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Leeds Audio Gathering

When: Wednesday 1st March 2023

Time: 2pm

Where: Neon Cactus, 35 Call Lane, Leeds, LS1 7BT

What: A gathering of like minded sound recording professionals in Leeds and the surrounding areas. 

Why: Leeds has a thriving audio scene/sector with tons of recording studios, sound designer & composition companies, producers, engineers, mastering engineers and audio equipment manufacturers. It's been an idea of mine for a while now to attempt a meet up (potentially semi-regularly) so we can all say hi and ultimately just have a bit of a chin-wag. This is not a super business network event, more along the lines of "Hey, we're all doing a similar thing, let's chat". I think (and hope) it'll just be a nice thing to do!

I've set it for a Wednesday afternoon, many of us have families and our evenings are sacred. Neon Cactus is easy, in the centre of town, has a cosy atmosphere and serves beer and coffee as well as casual food for anyone that wants it. 

Please R.S.V.P. to so I can let them know rough numbers to expect. (I'm trying to avoid FB/IG to organise this, feels more like a real thing this way)

Thank you and see you all then!


Joe Montague x

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