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Remote Drum Recording


My passion is helping artists find the drum part that is perfect for their songs, I love the whole process, from hearing to the song for the first time, discussing parts and sounds, to delivering a take that makes you grin from ear to ear!

Since setting up All You Need Is Drums in 2017, I have played on thousands of songs. This experience has helped me build meticulous processes that I follow for every session, to guarantee that you will be blown away by the quality and creativity of the drums. 

I'm often asked if I can achieve more modern drum sounds, and the answer is a resounding yes. Whilst everything I do is rooted in vintage  sounds, my whole philosophy is using an old school ethos to provide high quality drum sounds for music made now. I've played on a wide variety of music, ranging from 60s/70s influenced Powerpop to Americana, Indie Rock and Alt-Pop and even adverts for the likes of Drambuie and Nandos! 

You can listen to some recent tracks I've worked on here:

Ultimately, I want you to come away from this process absolutely buzzing with your new drums, and I will bend over backwards to make sure that happens.

Other Services

As a well equipped studio I am also pleased to operate as a regular recording studio, offering dry hire, tracking sessions and complete production services. 


My passion is helping artists find the drum part that is perfect for their songs.

If you would like to more information on my rates and process for sessions please drop me an email at:

Or write me a message in the form here: Contact Form

You can also message me on Instagram and Facebook



My studio is located just outside Leeds, West Yorkshire, in the old custodian’s flat above the working men’s club owned by the village brass band. The band has a history dating back over 200 years and my studio rent helps support them and hopefully helps keeps music in the village for another two centuries!


The studio features a large combined control room and live room that has been acoustically treated with meticulous attention to detail to bring drums to life. The room is packed with an eclectic mix of vintage and modern outboard gear, microphones, drums and percussion; inspiration is always close to hand.

I’ve recently added a second live room, which is set up to create the classic ‘dead’ drum sound, reminiscent of the early 70s. This room also houses a beautiful upright piano, with 88 key range and three expression pedals, it is tuned regularly and sounds awesome!


I have made the studio as comfortable and inspiring a place as I possibly can, no detail has been overlooked.  There is a kitchen with a stunning view, local shops and an array of pubs just up the road.



Main Room #3.jpg

Packed with an eclectic mix of vintage and modern outboard gear, microphones, drums and percussion; inspiration is always close to hand.

Current Setup

  • Kick Out - Lauten LA-220 - Neve 1073LB - Pultec EQ

  • Kick In - Lewitt DTP 640

  • Snare Top - SM57 - API 512c - Pultec EQ

  • Snare Btm - Rode NT5

  • Rack - Beyer Dynamic M201

  • Floor - Beyer Dynamic M88

  • HH - Rode NT5

  • Mono OH - Coles 4038 - REDD.47 Valve Preamp

  • Mono OH - AKG D19 - REDD.47 Valve Preamp

  • Stereo OHs - Pair Vintage AKG 451E FET - Crest Audio Pre/EQ

  • Stereo Rooms - Pair Reslo RB-1s - Pair Warm Audio TB12 Tone Beasts - ART Pro VLA II Stereo Valve Compressor

  • Mono Room - Sontronics Aria Valve - AML1073 - WA76 Compressor

  • Mono Colour Mic #1 - LEM M83E (Vintage French Field Microphone)

  • Mono Colour Mic #2 - Philips EL 3750 (50s Home Recording Microphone)

Other Microphones

  • Pair RM BIV-1 (Russian Ribbon Microphones)

  • Warm Audio WA47jr

  • Red12 Omni Shotgun Microphone

  • Pair AKG C414

  • Pair SE1a FET Condenser

  • Shure SM57

  • Shure Beta 57A

  • Shure SM58

  • Shure Beta 56

  • Rode NT1A

Console/Converters/Tape Machine

  • Console - Vintage Alice 828 Mk 2 Console (designed by Ted Fletcher, with beautiful Belclere transformers. Ted also recently serviced the desk for me, so it's in tip top shape!)

  • Tape Machines - Revox A77 2-Track & Tascam 244 4-Track

  • Converters - RME802 & Audient ASP880


  • Early 70s Ludwig Super Classic Drum Kit

  • 1969 Ludwig Jazz Festival Snare

  • 1962 Brass Ludwig 400 Snare

  • Early 70s Ludwig Acrolite Snare

  • 60s Beverley Cosmic 21 Snare

  • Assorted Vintage Premier Snare Drums

  • Large collection of modern and vintage cymbals​


  • Harmony 88 Key Upright Piano

  • 1964 Beverley Gold Viking Drum Kit

  • Late 70s/Early 80s Premier D717 Concert Tom Drum Kit (Phil Collins)

  • Large collection of percussion, including congas, bongos, shakers, tambourines & more

  • Korg Volca Beats Drum Machine

  • Various Plugins including Waves Abbey Road Collection and other Waves plugins, iZotope, Valhalla Vintage Reverb, Klevrgrand and Soundtoys

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